• Prince Harry mocked Prince Charles
  • Prince Harry poked fun at Prince Charles' refusal to use computers
  • Prince Charles refused to use computers until his 60s

Prince Harry previously mocked Prince Charles for refusing to use computers and cell phones.

In the book “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life,” royal author Sally Bedell Smith said that even when Prince Charles was already in his 60s, he still refused to use technology.

Whenever he would receive emails from his staff, he would respond to them by writing notes manually. He also filled the backs of the printouts with a ream of comments.

“His aversion to technology prompted his son Harry to say with good-natured exasperation, ‘You’d get a lot more things done if you actually picked up the phone, or - guess what? - send a text message,’” Prince Harry once told his father.

But in recent years, the heir to the throne has also adapted to the ever-changing times. Prince Charles is even included in the royal family’s group chat on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Prince Harry also made headlines this week after netizens speculated on their relationship. Some royal fans also claimed that Prince Charles needs Prince Harry to help him stay relevant.

“Prince Harry is Prince Charles’ son… Look how much he is like his grandfather Prince Philip,” Twitter user @Michelle1Jones said.

“Yes, and he has Charles’ ginger hair. And the affair Princess Diana had with the ginger James Hewitt was just a coincidence,” Twitter user @LordWilsonVILLA said.

“It is not true. The royal family is irrelevant without Prince Harry. Prince Charles needs Prince Harry to be relevant. The royals will not be relevant in 10 years but Prince Harry and his family will be more popular than ever,” Twitter user @PreciouscindaM said.

“The royal family has always been relevant. Prince Harry is not even popular anymore,” Twitter user @sollunna said.

“Nope, not even. Prince Harry will recover once he moves on to his second wife. His first wife will fall into oblivion,” Twitter user @gladiat60526709 said.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry Pictured: Prince Charles and Prince Harry at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham Estate, Norfolk on Dec. 26, 2004. Photo: Getty Images/Andrew Parsons