Prince William waved like Princess Charlotte when he was a kid.

An adorable clip of Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry visiting Sarah Ferguson after delivering Princess Beatrice has resurfaced on Instagram. In the short video, the Princess of Wales is seen kissing Prince Andrew upon arrival. Prince William and Prince Harry do the same to their uncle.

The four royals then turn their backs to the cameras to enter the hospital but not before Prince William grabs the chance to wave at the crowd. He continues waving and looking at the crowd before entering the facility.

When Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry stepped out, they are accompanied by Prince Andrew to their car, as shown in the clip. The Duke of Cambridge is seen showing his love for waving again by shaking his hands frantically until he reaches the car, but then, towards the end of the clip, Princess Diana decides to force his hands inside the vehicle because he couldn’t stop waving.

Prince William’s daughter did the same when they visited Kate Middleton following Prince Louis’ birth. The Duke of Cambridge visited his wife with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He was seen holding both of them.

Prince George was too shy to recognize the crowd, but Princess Charlotte was in great spirits. She kept waving to the people on their way to the hospital. When they reached the steps of St. Mary’s hospital, the little princess turned her head back to the crowd while still waving. 

When Prince William was inside the facility, he let go of his kids’ hands. It was at that moment when Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s sweet sibling moments happened.

Princess Charlotte walked towards her big brother. Prince George put an arm around her shoulders and they walked together.

According to an insider, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are close in age, so they spend much time together. Also, they learned to rely on each other because they knew that playdates with outsiders can be tricky.