Prince William and Prince Harry’s falling-out has nothing to do with Meghan Markle one writer claims.

Nicole Cliffe, a Canadian writer and journalist based in Utah, shared a series of tweets about the fab four. She began her post about the “current royal scandal” by mentioning the rumors about Prince William cheating on his wife Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury. 

The posts were Cliffe’s personal take about Prince William’s alleged infidelity. Previous reports claimed that Middleton and Hanbury had a falling-out that was later connected to her and Prince William’s alleged affair. However, according to Daily Mail’s Richard Kay, the duchess and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley liked each other and the issues were just created to damage the duchess.

Also, just recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared increasingly happy and have been packing on frequent PDAs which don’t support the infidelity claims against the Duke of Cambridge. However, Cliffe seemed to believe the reports.

According to her “personal editorializing,” Prince William got caught having an affair with Rose and Middleton ended up severing their social connection. The source of the story was reportedly no other than Rose “running her mouth about it to her friends.” She added, “What’s the fun in sleeping w a bald prince if you can’t tell your friends?”

Cliffe admitted that she’s not a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge but for Prince William to allegedly have an affair with her closest friend is “disgusting and cruel.” She believes that what the second-in-line to the throne did is the actual reason why he has a “frosty” relationship with his younger brother, Prince Harry.

“Here’s where my personal editorializing kicks in: this is the actual reason that Wills and Harry have been ‘frosty’ for the last several months. It’s had NOTHING to do with Meghan,” Cliffe wrote.

“Wills would absolutely have told Harry about the affair, bc of how those two are, and I think that Harry was like ‘this is exactly what ruined our childhoods, this is pulling some Dad [explicit], you have three small children, what the [explicit]?’” she added.

While none of these speculations have been confirmed, the writer still proceeded to share an advice to couples like Prince William and Middleton, and Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage. According to her, couples who do things as a group of four especially if they are famous should take caution because it’s “dangerous.”

Cliffe announced that she’s a “staunch Team Meghan” and offered to be the “thinly sourced pro-Meghan tabloid  that the U.K. fails to produce.”

Despite her speculations, it seems Prince William and Prince Harry are fine. In fact, Prince William defended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from a dispute with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles concerning their communication team budget.

Also, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven’t reported any marital issues. They were even seen holding hands while walking a few weeks ago as they walked their way to the waiting chopper to visit Blackpool.