Princess Diana, Archie and Prince Harry reunite in a fan-made art.

A royal fan created an adorable art featuring Prince Harry with his late mother and son. In the snap shared on Instagram, Prince Harry and Princess Diana are seated beside each other. Princess Diana carries Archie in her arms while Prince Harry holds his baby’s hand.

The royal mother and son are all smiles as if enjoying the moment. Royal fans love the art because it depicts love in three generations from Princess Diana to her son Prince Harry and grandson Archie.

“What a picture! One love and three generations,” one royal follower commented.

“That’s so beautiful,” another follower added.

In related news, a throwback photo of Princess Diana snubbing Prince Charles’ kiss has resurfaced. The photograph was taken in 1992 when the couple visited India. There were rumors that their marriage had hit rock bottom at the time. During their tour, the Prince and Princess of Wales kept themselves busy by attending different engagements.

Then Princess Diana was due to hand out the prizes at a Valentine’s Day polo match. She was initially reluctant to do so because she wasn’t happy attending to royal duties without Prince Charles. However, she was eventually convinced to do it.

When Prince Charles got his prize from his wife, the Prince of Wales walked immediately and realized shortly that he forgot to kiss his spouse, he returned to kiss her on the cheek. However, Princess Diana avoided him so his kiss landed near the princess’ ear.

“The crowd, as well as those of us accompanying the royal couple, could only cringe. The Prince had clearly been intentionally humiliated, and we knew he’d be furious,” Dickie Arbiter said about the incident.

In related news, a netizen claimed that Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle was just used as scapegoat to distract the people from Prince William’s affair and Prince Andrew’s scandal. Some agreed that it’s possible that the royal wanted to bury the story about Prince Andrew’s connection with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. However, many are not convinced about Prince William’s alleged cheating rumors.

According to the royal fans, there was no proof that he had an affair with Rose Hanbury. Also, the future king appears happy and satisfied as a married man.