Princess Diana, Prince Charles
Pictured: Prince Charles kisses his new bride Princess Diana on their wedding day July 29, 1981. Reuters/Handout Old

Princess Diana and Prince Charles looked happy during their wedding.

A clip taken during the Prince and Princess of Wales’ royal wedding was recently shared on Instagram. The short video showcases Princess Diana’s arrival at St Paul's Cathedral and how she walked down the aisle escorted by her father, John Spencer.

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles reunited near the altar they looked at each other and were having a short talk then she leaned on him. The scene cut into the couple waving to the crowd at the Buckingham Palace’s balcony.

Prince Charles held Princess Diana’s hand and kissed it as they stared and smiled at each other. The netizens were convinced with their love. Some even said it was beautiful and wondered what went wrong.

“They look quite happy, both ... Why did it all go wrong? ..” one user wrote in Russian.

Although the couple appeared loved up as what netizens observed, one body language expert had a different opinion. According to Dr. Peter Collett, the groom was showing signs of a rocky relationship with Princess Diana on their big day.

According to the expert, there was a time when Prince Charles appeared to wipe imaginary tears. He said that this action is performed by people who are feeling sad.

He added that there were already signs of their strained relationship and it showed during their engagement interview when Prince Charles was asked if he loved Princess Diana and the heir apparent responded with “whatever love means.”

Princess Diana also made a heartbreaking confession about her royal wedding to Prince Charles. She admitted that while she was walking down the aisle, she was looking for Camilla Parker Bowles and was hoping that her affair with Prince Charles was already over.

Prince Charles and Camilla dated before they met their first spouses, Princess Diana and Andrew Parker Bowles, respectively. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall rekindled their romance while he was married to Princess Diana.

Netizens were wondering why Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana when she was more attractive than Camilla. Many believed that it was because he has always been in love with Camilla and was only forced to marry Princess Diana.