Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Princess Diana used to sneak her lover through Princess Margaret’s front door because it had no CCTV camera. Pictured: Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982. Getty Images/Fox Photos

Princess Diana sneaked her lover through Princess Margaret’s front door.

The People’s Princess was romantically involved with a number of men after her marriage to Prince Charles. In Pamela Lillian Valemont’s book “The Bible Code Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed,” the author shared how the late Princess of Wales met Dr. Hasnat Khan. Princess Diana’s heart “nearly stopped” when she met the doctor for the first time in a lift at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

According to Paul Burrell in his book “The Way We Were,” the medical professional would routinely get into the Kensington Palace discreetly. One of his duties, when he started dating Princess Diana, was to keep their romance a secret.

“I would pick him up in the BMW in a dark corner of a cobbled, quiet mews, an agreed meeting place,” Burrell recalled.

“As we approached the Palace, he’d climb into the back seat, grab the tartan rug, lie flat and pull it over himself,” he continued.

According to Princess Diana’s former butler, the policeman on the gates usually just waved him through. However, instead of driving Khan directly to the front door of Princess Diana’s quarter, he would take Khan into Princess Margaret’s front door because the Queen’s sister insisted that they don’t place a CCTV camera on her door.

“The boss [Diana] wasn’t the only Princess intent on privacy,” Burrell said.

In related news, Princess Diana reportedly felt like she was “being punched in the stomach” when she discovered Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair. She didn’t really want to divorce the Prince of Wales, but the Duchess of Cornwall never left the future king’s side so the couple didn’t have the chance to give their marriage another try.

Also, Princess Diana’s family history became irrelevant to Queen Elizabeth II when she agreed to open up her rocky marriage in a secret interview. Princess Diana’s roots could be traced back to 1478 when the Windsors were still known as Saxe-Coburgs.

The Princess of Wales portrayed Prince Charles as an “unloving and unfaithful father” in her infamous interview and the royals were shocked when they learned about it. Queen Elizabeth II eventually advised the two to separate.