Many are convinced that Princess Diana was murdered.

Ifop made a study about 10 conspiracy theories that widely circulated online since mid-November including the late Princess of Wales’ death. They learned that 40 percent of the Gilet jaunes believed in at least half of the theories.

Thirty-four percent of the general population were convinced that the People’s Princess death in a car accident under Paris’ pont de l’Alma in August 1997 was a “masked murder.” The figure roughly tallied with the YouGov poll in 2013, which put the figure at 38 percent.

The theory about Princess Diana’s murder has been around for years. According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward, even Queen Elizabeth suspected that it was not just an accident but murder. When the monarch learned about the fatal car crash, she reportedly asked if “someone had greased the brakes.”

Meanwhile, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell also shared that the late Princess of Wales suspected Prince Charles of plotting an automobile accident to kill her, so he could marry his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles. According to Burrell, Princess Diana left him notes daily about her suspicions and he found it “spooky” that Princess Diana was able to predict her own death nine months in advance.

Princess Diana’s eerie premonition reportedly began when she learned about Gianni Versace’s murder. She was devastated about the news and even asked Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard Lee Sansum if there’s a possibility that she would suffer the same fate — that someone would murder her.

“They will do it when I am in a small plane, in a car when I am driving, or in a helicopter,” Princess Diana once told her designer friend Roberto Devorik about her suspicions that she would be murdered.

Prince William and Prince Harry had a hard time accepting their mom’s death. They regret the last phone call they had with Princess Diana because they were in a hurry to end it as they were playing with their cousins. The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex felt that their conversation would have been different had they known that it would be the last time that they would hear her voice.