Get Ready To Set Your Clocks Back

The annual practice of daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m., local time, Sunday, which means you must turn back your clocks and watches one hour before going to bed Saturday.

Is Spanking Child Abuse?

NFL star Adrian Peterson, who's being investigated for child abuse, has sparked a national debate on physical discipline.

Penny-Pinching GM's $1 Mistake

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette cited a 2005 GM document, which she said showed a cost of 57 cents to fix each defective switch.

Duodenal Switch A "Viable Option" For Weight Loss

Though the duodenal switch technique has weight loss advantages, a new study found that it also comes with extra blood loss and longer hospital stays, and more patients who had the procedure ended up with nutrient deficiencies.


'Doing Fine'? Democrats and Republicans Both Guilty of Twisting Each Others Words

Silversun Pickups Issue Cease and Desist Order Against Romney

Mitt Romney is the latest target in a string of disputes between unlikely foes: politicians, and the rock stars who say they use their songs without permission. This time, the rock stars in question are the alt-rock band the Silversun Pickups who issued a cease-and-desist order on Wednesday against Mitt Romney for playing their song "Panic Switch" in his presidential campaign.
Chief Justice John Roberts

John Roberts Flip-Flopped On Health-Care Law Decision: CBS

U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts was originally set to vote with the Supreme Court's conservative justices to strike down the Affordable Care Act, CBS News reported. However, he changed his mind about a month ago to join the court's liberal justices in mostly upholding the constitutionality of the law.
Google Maps Goes 3-D: Offline Access Could Rival Apple’s Rumored iOS 6 Maps

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Facebook To Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although recently announced 100 million user base of Google+ doesn't stand anywhere near to Facebook's over 800 million users, there are enough grounds Google+ can exploit to achieve a level, where it can start calling itself a real challenger to Facebook. Here are 20 reasons to consider a switch from Facebook to Google's offering.