Africa Prostitutes
Prostitutes wait for customers in Africa Reuters

Two Chrisitan pastors in Nigeria claimed they were raped by prostitutes while on a mission to a local brothel.

The incident, which has been discovered by the pastors' home church in the Delta State, occurred when the two men went on a mission to try to convert sex workers in the town of Cable Point near the Niger River delta, a notorious stop-over for hoodlums, according to The Nigerian Voice.

This is not an unusual circumstance but the event did take an unusual turn. While preaching, the men of the cloth were allegedly seduced by the prostitutes, whose charms were apparently enough to overwhelm even the most devout.

Nigeria news agency All Africa details the confrontation:

An eyewitness said that preachers had gained audience with the harlots but after a period of time they were disoriented by the sudden display of breasts and other revealing body parts which reportedly hypnotized the preachers. Their hosts then took them into their rooms where they were said to have performed 'quickies.'

Once the spell had worn off, the pastors were understandably unhappy. They refused to pay for the non-consensual sex and a scuffle broke out between them and the prostitutes, who ended up burning the pastor's bibles and clothes.

The event was not the only strange sex-story to come out of Africa this week. In Zimbabwe, three women -- who could be part of a nationwide network -- were accused of raping men for ‘ritualistic’ purposes.

Nine men have come forward to testify against the women, who they say gave them drugs and harvested their semen for use in rituals and magic.

One of the women threw water in my face and they injected me with something that gave me a strong sexual desire, one of the alleged victims told a television station in Zimbabwe. They stopped the car and made me have sex with each of them several times, using condoms. When they had finished they left me in the bush totally naked.”

He added: Some people gathering grass helped me by calling the police, who took me to hospital to deal with the effects of this drug that I had been given, as the urge to have sex was still there.

If true, the rapes are a serious matter and may illuminate a larger, sinister phenomenon. Under Zimbabwean law, a woman cannot be charged with raping a man, but the women have been charged with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault.