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On Monday night, Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 next-gen console at E3 2013, including its $399 price tag and its pro-consumer stances on DRM and used games. Less than four days later, at least one gamer thinks the upcoming PS4 is worth at least $2,000. Check out the photo below.

PS4 Ebay
PS4 Ebay

To be fair, whoever placed the above bid is is a rarity; most listings for both the PS4 and the Xbox One are strictly of the "Buy it Now" variety. It's currently the only eBay PS4 listing with a bid on it, regardless of price.

The above bid is likely a response to the PS4's lack of DRM and restrictions on used games -- and lower price -- compared to the upcoming $499 Xbox One from Microsoft. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew Brown made said this week that Sony might be unable to meet the initial consumer demand for the PS4. If that happens, we wouldn't be surprised if the above bid becomes more common as we get closer to PS4 launch day this holiday season.

What's the most you would pay for a PS4 and why? What do you think of the above price for the PS4? Sound off in the comments below.