A puppy born with a rare condition has been rescued by an animal sanctuary in Oklahoma calling for help with surgery for the canine. The 7-week-old pug is in the custody of the Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

The sanctuary urged its followers on Facebook to donate money for a surgery that will help the dog treat the bilateral luxated elbows, which have resulted in her paws facing upside down.

The pug, named Mila, was first rescued by Skiatook Paws and Claws Rescue with her brother, who also had the condition but only in one leg, People reported. The rescue group then contacted Oliver and Friends to help spread the word.

"Without surgery, she will never walk, run, or play like a normal dog," Oliver and Friends wrote in a post, adding that they had helped another dog with a similar condition. The earlier rescued dog is named Milo, the sanctuary said.

"If you've followed us with Milo, you know how necessary this is for a normal life. Milo did incredible and we have no doubts (though always anxiety, as with any animal facing major surgery) Mila will do incredible too. After all, she's got Milo to cheer her on!" the post continued.

They also shared an update on Milo's condition Thursday after she underwent a CT scan of her limbs.

"She did fantastic through her CT and thankfully recovered from sedation like a champ (always a bit of concern with brachycephalic dogs). Her surgery is scheduled for Monday at 8am," the rescue's post said.

"The plan is to align the bones and use an external fixator and thick rubber bands to pin the ulna (lower bone in the lower leg) and the humerus, holding everything in place but HOPEFULLY not completely fusing the elbows, giving her some degree of future movement. This may not work because the degree of luxation has prevented some important ridges where the bones are supposed to "fit" from forming, but at this point the surgeons believe it's worth a shot!"

"If it doesn't work, then her elbows will be fused like [her brother] Milo. Which is certainly not devastating, as you know he has a full mostly normal life! The other good news with going at it this way is the possibility she won't have to be half body hard casted for weeks like Milo was, which was arguably the most difficult part for us," the rescue explained in the post.

The sanctuary said that Mila is currently surrounded by those who are treating her with utmost love and care as she awaits her big surgery.

"In the meantime she's been living her best life! She's very playful and has quite a fierce attitude which will suit her well for the future recovery," the rescue said. "We are so excited for her, and so grateful for all your support! Saving lives takes a village, and y'all are the best village ever!"

A pug born with a rare birth condition. Facebook/Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary