Having trouble thinking up the perfect Purim costume? Here's a list of possible costumes broken into categories so it's easy to find what you're looking for, whether you're a kid or adult, and going for something topical, religious or just need a last minute costume that's easy to make.


Queen Esther: The protagonist of the Purim story, Esther saves the Jews from Haman's wrath after she is forced to marry the Persian king. Start with a simple floor length dress in a royal color (purple, blue or gold are all good options). For embellishments wear a rhinestone necklace and add some ribbons and bows. Find three yards of material you can use as a cape. Top it off with a plastic or cardboard crown.

Uncle Mordecai: Esther's uncle, he is the true hero of Purim. During the story Mordecai dons mourner's clothing when he first learns of Haman's genocidal plot. To dress up as Mordecai throw on some old torn clothing full of holes and put some dark makeup or dirt on your face to imitate ash. Finish off the look with a pair of sandals.

Haman: The evil villain of the story is known for his three-cornered hat. Give the outfit an evil vibe by donning all black clothing.


Soda Can: Find a cheap barrel and cut a hole in the bottom. Paint the whole thing the colors of your favorite soda and draw on the brand's design and logo. Add holes for your arms and head and you're ready for Purim.

Hippie: Throw together a tie-dye shirt and faded bell-bottom jeans. Combine with a headband or ponytail wig. Finish off the costume with a fringe jacket.

Doctor/Dentist: Put on a large white shirt, construct a pager from black paper and hang a toy stethoscope from your neck. Carry a black bag with the rest of your doctor tools, or candy, inside.

Sunflower: Dress in a green shirt and pants. Then take a brown hat and glue on yellow petal shapes. Carry around a plastic watering can to complete the look.

Purim Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults: Last Minute, Easy Homemade, Religious or Topical

Last Minute:

Clown: Through together old and oversized sweat-clothes. Sew on pompoms and decorate with magic markers. Find an old wig or colorful hat to complete the look.

Umbrella Bat: Wear all black, and cut up an umbrella to make the ears and wings. For full instructions visit the Evil Mad Scientist website.

Zombie: Tear up your clothes and use red makeup or ketchup to imitate blood.

Pokeball: Red shirt and white pants or short. Finish it by cutting out a white circle with a black outline and attaching it to the front of your belt.


Anonymous: Buy a Guy Fawkes masks or make your own by cutting out a piece of white cardboard and drawing on it with black marker or printing one out from the Internet. Put on a black suit with a collared shirt and black tie. Bring a laptop to complete the picture.

Pregnant Beyoncé (or any other celebrity): Put on a glamorous dress and slip a pillow underneath.

Crazy GOP Candidates: Rick Perry (chaps, rugged cowboy jacket, oversized belt-buckle), Herman Cain (suit, pizza box, glasses), Michelle Bachmann (pants-suit, crazy eyes), Rick Santorum (sweater-vest), Newt Gingrich (stuff a pillow in your suit and color your hair white with baby powder).

Dead Dictators: Gaddafi (big brown sheet for his outfit, black cap, Africa pin, and draw on his facial hair). Kim Jong-Il (grey suit, crazy '80s retro glasses and hair gel).

Jeremy Lin: Make your own Knicks Jersey (he's number 17) and put your personal favorite Lin put on the back (we hear his favorite is Super Lintendo).