After Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation in 1992, a book detailing their scandalous marriage was released. Although Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family were shocked, they suspected Diana was behind the revealing content.

Since their wedding in 1981, Diana suspected Charles was still in love with Camilla Parker Bowles. At the beginning of their union, Charles and Diana were able to hide the truth about their unhappy marriage. However, the release of Andrew Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story,” exposed the Princess of Wales’ miserable life and loveless marriage.

In the book, “The Firm,” Penny Junor claimed Princess Diana lied to members of the royal family about her collaboration with Morton.

“Robert Fellowes, treading difficult ground, not for the first or last time, as both Diana’s brother-in-law and the Queen’s Private Secretary, asked Diana if she had had anything to do with the book. Diana swore she hadn’t, and Fellowes believed her,” she wrote.

“The Duke of Edinburgh also challenged her and again she denied it; lying, as it turned out, in both cases,” Junor continued.

After Princess Diana died in 1997, it was revealed that she did work with Morton to create the book that damaged Prince Charles’ public image.

However, before she teamed up with the author, Princess Diana tried to fix her relationship with Charles. In the book, “The Queen & Di: The Untold Story,” Ingrid Seward claimed Diana would throw temper tantrums to try and get her husband’s attention.

Seward’s work detailed an incident where Diana caused a scene that “stunned” onlookers at Sandringham. At the time, Charles was reportedly scheduled to attend an event, but Diana wanted him to stay home.

“Diana wrenched at the car and then threw herself, first on to the bonnet of the car, then finally on to the gravel, crying and pleading: ‘If you love me you won’t leave me, you won’t go,’” the royal biographer wrote.

However, Princess Diana’s desire to win her husband’s attention further damaged their already fragile marriage. 

“Diana needed attention in much the same way a drowning man needs air, and she pushed aside the restraints of both common sense and court protocols in her frantic attempts to get it. She demanded it of her husband, sometimes to an embarrassing extent,” Seward revealed.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce in 1996. The Prince of Wales went on to marry Camilla in 2005.