Queen Elizabeth II reportedly broke a tradition during the birth of her four children several years ago.

Royal historian Kate Williams told Channel 5 News that Her Majesty broke royal protocol by not having a senior politician standing outside the room as a witness. Years later, the Queen’s dad, King George VI, put an end to the tradition.

Williams’ revelation came after rumors swirled that Meghan Markle snubbed the Queen by refusing to hire Her Majesty’s team of doctors for her baby’s birth. The royal historian said that Markle won’t be the first member of the royal family to do things her way during her pregnancy.

“The Queen, for example, when she gave birth, she gave birth at Buckingham Palace, a home birth, a caesarian section. But essentially what was important was the fact that until then, it was going to be witnessed, not in the room but outside, by Prime Ministers, by Home Secretaries,” she said.

Williams went on to discuss the birth of Prince William and Prince Harry and said that Princess Diana was the first member of the royal family to give birth at a hospital. There was much talk surrounding the late Princess of Wales’ decision several years ago.

But when Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, decided to give birth at the hospital, her decision no longer came as a surprise to royal fans.

“So, there are lots of royal women who have not even broken tradition but made their own choices throughout history as to exactly what they want. The Queen herself was born not in a royal palace but at her mother’s parents’ house in London, and that was the decision of the Queen Mother,” Williams said.

As of late, details about Markle’s baby’s birth are still being kept under wraps. But rumors are ripe that she will not give birth at St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing. She is also due to welcome her first child this month.