Queen Elizabeth II’s family was appalled by her romance with Prince Philip.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have been married for over seven decades already. There is no doubt that that their marriage has stood the test of time, but according to some sources, the royal couple faced “fierce opposition” when their romance was still budding.

“When Philip casually took the coat of Princess Elizabeth as they arrived, the press assembled outside caught this first hint of a royal romance, and a media frenzy ensued,” Vanity Fair journalist James Reginato wrote.

“The future queen had ‘clocked him,’ as Pamela puts it, when she visited Dartmouth Naval College with her parents when she was 13 years old.”

According to Lady Pamela Hicks, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were a “real love match.” From the very first moment Queen Elizabeth II saw him, she never thought of anybody else. However, “the King and Queen were appalled.”

Prince Philip had a bad reputation before he joined the royal family. Some even described him “rough” and “uneducated.” Others also regarded him as a “dangerous leftie.”

In addition, King George reportedly delayed their wedding because he didn’t like the way the modernist prince proposed to Queen Elizabeth II. According to “The Royal House of Windsor” documentary, Prince Philip proposed to Queen Elizabeth II when she was just 20 without informing her father, King George. Thus, the latter was furious.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were keen on getting married, but the then-monarch made a way to push it back. He arranged a family tour scheduled for South Africa that lasted three months. He didn’t invite Prince Philip and their wedding was moved until Queen Elizabeth II was 21.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are very comfortable with their relationship that they don’t mind spending time apart. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh no longer share a home because Prince Philip no longer stays at Buckingham Palace. He spends most of his time in Wood Farm.

The Queen doesn’t find this an issue because she believes that her husband deserves a proper retirement. If Prince Philip stays with her at the palace, he will only feel obliged to get involved in their engagements.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wave to guests as they visit the Patron's Lunch, a special street party outside Buckingham Palace in London on June 12, 2016. Getty Images/Ben Stansall