Around 23 people, including a police officer, were hospitalized after a rabid stray dog went berserk and bit them. The incident took place in Karachi, a city in Pakistan, on Monday.

All the victims were rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital after the attack, however, the doctors did not administer the anti-rabies vaccine due to its non-availability. Doctors asked the patients to bring the vaccine along with them as the government had not provided the vaccine to the hospital.

According to local reports, the hospital has been facing the non-availability of the vaccine for at least eight years now.

Meanwhile, residents of the area where the attack took place restricted themselves to their homes due to fear. Local authorities launched a search for the dog and have asked the animal control to kill the canine. The dog remained on the loose as of Monday night and the condition of the patients was not known.

The incident comes less than a month after four children were bitten by a rabid dog in Multan, another city in Pakistan. The unidentified children were playing on the street when the dog attacked them. Paramedics were called to the scene and first aid was administered before they were rushed to a nearby hospital. The children were administered the ARV vaccine at the hospital.

Dr. Seemin Jamali, the executive director of Jinnah Medical and Postgraduate Centre, said, “If someone is bitten, they should wash the site with water and immediately go to a medical facility where Anti Rabies Vaccination is available.”

Stray dog
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