Team Mexico
Mexico's national soccer team players arrive at the Guarulhos airport ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Sao Paulo June 7, 2014. Reuters

Racists started spreading their vitriol before Mexico and Cameroon even took to the field for the second match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Friday.

In what has become an unfortunate tradition of social media reactions to international sporting events, unscrupulous Twitter users grabbed the opportunity to lampoon Mexican stereotypes, continuing as the match got underway.

The match was widely anticipated from Mexico City to Juarez, but the haters didn't want to let Mexican supporters simply have their fun, and instead flocked to the Internet to share their ignorant views.

The opinions expressed ran the gamut, but most of them used commonly known Mexican words or tropes to make immature and culturally insensitive comments about the country, largely ignoring the sporting context.

The World Cup runs well into July, so expect a lot more Twitter racism where this came from, especially as the tournament enters the more advanced rounds and tensions and emotions run high.

Most of the racially motivated or downright racist tweets based on Friday's Mexico-Cameroon World Cup match were organized under the top trending topics #MEXvsCMR and #MexicoVsCamerun.