Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif, best known from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," have split, and Maloof refuses to "back down" when it comes to her fortune or her children, reported Tuesday.

Maloof and Nassif have three children, Gavin, Colin and Christian.

"Adrienne is going to fight Paul for full legally custody of the kids. She wants primary physical custody," an insider who says she is close to Adrienne exclusively told Radar. "She says she is the parent who is with the kids the most, and she will do everything she can to keep them. She believes this is what is best for them."

"She thinks Paul will try and go after her money, but their prenup is ironclad. She said Paul will not get any of the Maloof family fortune," the insider added. "She isn't afraid to battle it out in court with Paul for her family and kids. They are the most important thing to her and she's not going to give up or give in to him."

"I'm so sorry that this is happening, but my children are my life and sometimes we need to do what's best for them," quoted Maloof saying.

Maloof's marriage to her plastic surgeon husband had reportedly been on the rocks for a while, a friend told Radar. The source added that the pair tried to have an open marriage as a way to solve their issues.

Unfortunately, they were not able to rekindle their love. Nassif filed for separation from Maloof in Los Angeles on Monday and has moved out of their family's mansion, Radar reports.

Maloof's Twitter description is: "Official page of Adrienne Maloof. Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Kickboxer & Designer (Shoe collection available @ Belk, Lord&Taylor, Macy's &"

If the separation doesn't work for the couple, she made need to replace "wife" with "single lady."