“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 12 has seen its fair share of heated arguments but the latest episode of the Bravo series turned out to be an all-out catfight between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes.

Although the women have been at odds for several seasons, their tense relationship took a turn for the worst. Following the Sunday night episode, NeNe accused Kenya of trying to provoke her.

In Season 12, episode 22, the women attend Kandi Burruss’ baby event where NeNe and Kenya got into a fight and had to be separated by security. During the “RHOA” after show, NeNe claimed Kenya wanted to get into a physical altercation.

“First of all, Kenya knows she can’t fight. Okay, that’s number one. So why are you trying to provoke people? It doesn’t make any sense,” NeNe said.

“I’m telling you, as an African-American community, we know, when there’s an exchange, you don’t put your hand in somebody’s face… she keeps trying to get hit,” the Swagg Boutique owner added.

However, Kenya scoffed at NeNe’s accusations “You want to talk about provoking people? Is that not provoking someone, to stand up and get in their face as though you are going to fight them? I mean, it’s just crazy,” the former beauty queen revealed.

The stars’ argument became physical after Kenya accused NeNe of spitting on her during the cast trip to Greece. Despite her claims, NeNe denied spitting on her co-star. “No I did not. Let’s be very clear, bully. … Because if I wanted to spit on you, you know you would have been spit on,” NeNe said.

“I didn’t try [to spit on you]. Because anything I want to do, I will do it. It’s going to get real dirty. It’s going to get dirty now,” NeNe added.

Nene went on to warn Kenya to keep her distance after the 49-year-old moved closer to her. “Don’t touch me now, because I ain’t going to be what you want. You ain’t going to do nothing to me. … I’m not going to be what you want,” she told Kenya.

“You’re never what I want. You’re the low-class blonde in the wig,” Kenya fired back,

Tensions continued to rise until security was forced to step in. Fans can expect to see Kenya and NeNe on the small screen when the women film “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 12 virtual reunion.

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes stars in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 12. Bravo/Tommy Garcia