"Real World: Skeletons"
"The Real World: Skeletons" cast will be forced to encounter people from their past that they don't want to see in Season 30 of the MTV reality show. MTV Screen Shot

Last season on MTV’s “Real World” the producers introduced a first-time ever plot twist titled “Ex-plosion,” which saw the housemates move in with their respective ex's. Now, in its 30th season, the series is changing the game again with “The Real World: Skeletons.”

Set in Chicago, this season the roommates will be surprised by a different “skeleton” from their past. According to MTV, the incoming “skeletons” will be some of the last people that the roommates want to see. One cast member, Bruno, will be forced to confront his estranged brother.

“No one wants their worst enemy or embarrassing past moving in with them, but by facing your past, you actually grow. And that growth, however painful it may be, is what makes this season of ‘Real World’ so watchable,” creator and executive producer Jon Murray said of the new season.

The season will begin the traditional way, with seven strangers picked to live in a house together. So who are the seven strangers moving to Chicago for the show? Meet the cast of the “The Real World” Season 30:

Bruno, 24:

Bruno is from Rhode Island and is described as a stylish ladies man. However, he’s got an explosive temper, which got him into trouble with his brother three years ago in, what MTV calls “an angry showdown.”

Sylvia, 25:

MTV describes this Kansas City resident as a “serial dater” with a roster of men behind her. Although she gravitates toward relationships that aren’t the most healthy, it’s possible she’s still dealing with her stepfather abandoning her when she was just a child.

Jason, 24:

Unlike Sylvia, Jason never knew his father. E! describes him as someone who has lost his job just prior to entering "The Real World" house. Raised by his mother, this lady-killer has always lived with a tight wallet. The one thing that never meeting his father taught him was to never walk out on one’s family.

Madison, 23:

Madison is recovering from a six-year battle with drug addition. The happy Texan claims she is “reborn” and is determined to keep her life on this new track of sobriety.

Nicole, 23:

This Staten Island born and raised girl has an aggressive streak, according to MTV. The openly lesbian EMT has two twin sisters and claims she can steal anyone’s girlfriend.

Tony: 25:

The houses’ token Southern boy from Louisiana seems to have difficulty staying faithful to just one woman. Obviously it’s gotten him in trouble in the past as his dating history includes a lot of bad blood and apparently one stalker.

Violetta, 23:

Violetta describes herself as a former fat girl who was bullied in high school, according to E! She’s since gotten herself into great shape but it came at a price. The brash party-girl ended up becoming a bit of a bully herself.

“The Real World: Skeletons” premieres Dec. 16 at 10/9c on MTV.

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