Researchers conducted a study on how the nervous system’s activity could influence the lifespan of human beings. Termed as neural excitation, this was said to result in a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, when such overactivity is suppressed, it is said to be linked with longer life.

Protein REST

This protein was linked in previous studies as one, which helps in protecting the brain from the development of dementia and other diseases. The researchers were likewise looking at the same protein as that has got to do with aging.

The research was led by scientists in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School. It found that the neural activity in the brain does not only contribute to dementia and epilepsy. It also has a role in life span and aging.

In the Oct. 16 publication of Nature, it showed the results of the study. It suggested that overactivity in the brain was linked to a shorter life span, but suppressing it creates the opposite effect. As per Paul Glenn, professor of genetics at the HMS, what they found intriguing in their study is how something as transient as the neural circuits could affect the aging process and the lifespan of individuals.

Neural excitation is said to be the culprit. These “exciting” activities could include excessive activity, excitation, and changes in thought or mood. However, it is not yet clear how the thoughts of a person, as well as his behavior, could affect longevity.

link between neural activity and lifespan
link between neural activity and lifespan kalhh - Pixabay

More Ways

Aside from the information provided in the study, there are other ways that you could increase your lifespan. Living a healthy lifestyle could never be overstated. This would mean keeping oneself fit and healthy through proper and regular exercise. Relative to the neural activity study, engaging in regular exercises boosts the release of endorphins. This relieves the body from stress. Remember, stress is one example of overactivity.

Make sure that you pamper yourself with good food. Don’t forget the greens, and stay away from lots of sugars. This would make sure that you are only taking in food that promotes good health. Keeping this in mind will contribute much to increase your lifespan.