"Reign" has begun filming their final episode of Season 1. CW

Ready for “Reign’s” first season to come to a close? While the summer hiatus until Season 2 will no doubt be excruciating, fans of the CW drama can rest assured that the season 1 finale will be EPIC. How do we know that? The cast and crew have been very Twitter-happy about filming the final episode.

On March 31 “Reign’s” showrunner Laurie McCarthy tweeted that the cast had just completed their table read for the show’s finale and that it was “amazing.” So, what does an “amazing” episode include? A party!

Thanks to a Twitter account run by “Reign’s” writers, viewers can look forward to “celebration festivities.” What exactly our characters will be celebrating is unclear, but fans have their own ideas of what might be occurring:

The Death of Queen Catherine

When Queen Catherine was on bad terms with King Henry, she had begun to plan her beheading party. Since she has once again fallen from the mad king’s good graces, it’s possible that she might once again find her head in danger of getting severed.

The Death of King Henry

King Henry has been out of control lately. Thanks to Nostradamus we know that he wasn’t being poisoned by someone, but it’s clear that something is making him unwell. Could whatever is plaguing him lead to his death … and the rise of Francis as king? A new king would certainly be reason to celebrate.

Mary’s Pregnant

Mary has been stressing about getting pregnant with Francis’ baby, especially after finding out that Lola got pregnant after one night with him. One theory is that the castle will be celebrating the news that Mary is having Francis’ baby.

Day 1 of filming for the “Reign” season finale, episode 22, began on April 2. Bash’s Torrance Coombs took to Twitter Friday morning to reveal that part of the filming for the episode involves a flashback.

“Shooting a flashback scene today,” Coombs posted. “A familiar scene from an unfamiliar angle. Throwing back to an old hairdo. #Reign.”

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