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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X: Which Android ICS Phone Is Better?

If the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will pack a 4.65-inch display with 720p high-definition resolution. The Galaxy series from Samsung has been known for its stunning visual displays, so most expect the latest device to be no different. The HTC One X runs on a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, which is slightly less than the hardware that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to be running on. The HTC One X also has 1GB of RAM.

Nelson Mandela Archive: Google Publishes Personal Documents Of Living Legend

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and Google have published more than 1,900 documents including photographs, hand-written letters, films and more about South Africa's first black president and legendary humanitarian figure. The archive gives people around the world an unprecedented look at the personal life of this political legend.

Usher On Adele Collaboration: 'The World Deserves It'

In an interview on Kiss FM in the UK, Usher said on the air that the world needs an Usher-Adele collaboration. It's a rumour now... but I would love to work with her. I think she's incredible as a vocalist and in terms of an artist.

Apple CEO Time Cook In China: Is IPhone 5 On Brink Of Release?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted in China, at the Beijing Xidan province Apple Store, which many believe to be the company's largest in terms of sales. But many Apple-rumor gurus believe that Cook's trip to Beijing was for far more than met the eye.

Lazy Referee Calls Basketball Game From Folding Chair, College Scouts in Attendance [VIDEO]

During a major regional basketball recruiting showcase, where many young prospects play in front of college assistant coaches and other scouts, it's typical that competition is played at an extremely high level. That's why many in attendance of a recent showcase in North Carolina were stunned when a referee decided to call an entire game from a folding chair set up in the middle of the court.

Apple iOS 5.1: How To Turn An Android Smartphone Into An iPhone

Android smartphone owners that wish that were running Apple iOS 5.1, the operating system of the latest iPhone, no longer have to be so envious of those that are carrying around shiny new iPhones. Apps in the Google Play store enable Android smartphones to run iPhone-mimicking features without having to root the device.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachael Ray Lambaste New York Times For Cook Book Article

Gwyneth Paltrow caught up with Rachel Ray on the Rachel Ray Show yesterday after putting her kids to bed and pouring herself a glass of wine. The iconic actress phoned in from London for the show to talk about a New York Times article I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter, which claimed that several celebrities had not actually written cookbooks under their names.

Google Nexus Tablet: Can $150 Android Tablet Beat The Apple IPad?

Industry sources have confirmed that Google is developing a low-budget tablet in an attempt to bolster a floundering stable of Android-based tablets. The rumored 7-inch tablet, dubbed the Nexus Tablet, could cost the same price as the Amazon Kindle Fire, $199, or even better -- $149.

Britney Spears Joins Path: What's Path? [VIDEOS]

Path, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, snagged another major boost in credibility this week: Britney Spears has joined the network. The world-famous pop star tweeted out to her fans about her new Path account on Monday.

HBO ‘Luck’ Cancelled: 3 Horses Dead, PETA Outraged

HBO's new series Luck, has been cancelled unexpectedly after growing safety concerns for its equine cast members boiled over. The show, which starred Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, was responsible for the death of three horses in its short production span.

George Clooney Testifies To Congress: War Crimes In Sudan [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Oscar-nominated actor George Clooney testified before Congress on Wednesday about a humanitarian crisis taking place along the border of Sudan and South Sudan, where residents have been forced to seek refuge in the Nuba Mountains for fear of being killed by constant aerial bombing. Clooney returned from an eight-day trip in the area on Tuesday.

Goldman Sachs Effect: Darth Vader Leaving Galactic Empire

In the wake of the resignation of Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith, The Daily Mash reports, in an exclusive interview, that the leader of the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader, will step down as leader of the most evil army in the galaxy.

March Madness 2012: Best Apps For Android, iOS

As part of the pre-tournament preparations, tech-savvy fans are loading their smartphones with a large ensemble of NCAA March Madness apps that recently hit the market. March Madness apps from Google Play and the Apple App Store are helping fans of the tournament keep track of their bracket in company pools and also giving smartphone users the most up-to-date information about games in the tournament.

Brandon Marshall Signs With Chicago Bears: Was He Recruited By Matt Forte?

The Chicago Bears have acquired Pro Bowl wide-receiver Brandon Marshall in a trade with the Miami Dolphins. League sources have told ESPN that Chicago will send a third-round pick in 2012 and 2013 to Miami for the game-changing wide-receiver. Chicago Bears' running back Matt Forte alluded to the Marshall acquisition back in February, about a month after the Pro Bowl. Forte tweeted, Just recruited [Brandon Marshall] and Reggie Wayne...ur welcome guys lol.

SXSW 2012: Signs Deal With All Four Major Labels, the popular New York-based music streaming service that lets groups listen to music together and virtually DJ for each other, has taken a massive step toward becoming more legitimate: The company has announced today at SXSW that it reached agreements with all four major American labels -- Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner.