Articles by Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul's cryptocurrency journey began in 2014. With a postgraduate degree in finance, he was among the few that first recognized the sheer untapped potential of decentralized technologies. Since then, he has guided a number of startups to navigate the complex digital marketing and media outreach landscapes. His work has even influenced distinguished cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi platforms worth millions of dollars.

Ethereum L2 solutions

What Are Ethereum L2 Solutions?

When Ethereum started launching DApps for lending, borrowing, token-swapping, and blockchain gaming, it became congested. Although Ethereum's long-term roadmap deals with this congestion, including...
NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have drawn millions of dollars at auctions, with the world's first tweet fetching $2.9 million.

Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

While artistic skill is appreciated by NFT buyers, the digital age prioritizes scarcity, gamification, and novel ways of acquiring digital goods.
Crypto winter

What Is Crypto Winter And How To Survive It?

Across the board, technical analysts and social media influencers were reading on-chain data, forecasting that Bitcoin will reach at least $80k–$100k in 2022. Yet, the opposite happened.
The Seattle NFT Museum features original artworks along with explanations of the technology behind them, and is intended to help visitors navigate the new world of Non-Fungible Tokens

Do You Really Own Your NFT?

Buying an NFT is buying your place on the blockchain network. In turn, this blockchain infers to that asset its smart contract properties — immutability, verification, decentralization, tradability...

What Is A DAO?

Bitcoin's blockchain was specialized to produce a counter-inflationary cryptocurrency, but other blockchains can produce something else. With the onset of smart contracts, pioneered by the Ethereum...

What Are Airdrops?

Airdrop-tracking has become a niche in itself, with many aggregator websites to notify of upcoming airdrop opportunities.

Loopring For Beginners

Loopring (LRC) token had at one point appreciated over 400% during the last three months. What value have investors recognized in this project, and is it worth keeping an eye on Loopring in the...