Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will arrive on March 20.

Capcom, developers of upcoming third-person shooter Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, will release the post-launch free DLC for the game April 10, it has been reported. The new add-ons, according to sources, are an attempt by Capcom to lure fans to its fold.

The new DLC will not only render a new set of clothes for the in-game characters, but will also include an extra mission and players will also be able to control members of the game's Spec-Op faction as a recreation of the very famous Resident Evil 3 scene where Jill Valentine runs from the game's bad guy, Nemesis.

It is being said that the extra mission will give Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City players a chance to ditch Umbrella Security Service (USS), campaign's main faction, and find out more about the Echo Six Special Operations soldiers who have also been sent in to bring order to the infected city.

Thanks to the campaign story, we get to spend some time with the USS and, even though they're technically the bad guys, relate to them on some level, The Capcom blog said. But what about those Spec-Ops folks? Well, they're going to be playable in a free DLC mission coming April 10 to Xbox 360 and PS3, one that just so happens to revisit an important moment from Resident Evil 3...

The in-game Spec-Ops characters include Crispin Dee-Ay Jettingham (leader of the Echo Six team), Erez Harley Morris (the squad medic and former foul-mouthed biker), Sienna Party Girl Fowler (the squad's qualified sex symbol to say the least, but a top surveillance expert), Lawrence Shona Kimbala (the squad's chief virology expert), Marissa Tweed Ronson (Echo Six's demolitions expert and former British Secret Service agent) and Caroline Willow Floyd (a master of reconnaissance).

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City will hit the States on March 20, and following in EU March 23. The PC version follows on May 18.

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