The video of a woman yelling and harassing a restaurant's staff after accusing them of drugging her food has gone viral on TikTok.

The manager, who filmed the clip and goes by the username @user627183716391, took to the social media platform Sunday to share the video in which the woman can be heard yelling at the staff before threatening the TikToker she would punch her on her face.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker said the customer had previously come to the restaurant and later complained a waitress had tried to drug her. The manager said she told her she should first go to the hospital and get help if she thought she had been drugged, media outlet the Daily Dot reported. It was not clear where the incident took place.

The woman left and came back a while later. She then ordered the two most expensive dishes off the menu, and said she wanted to take one of them home for later.

"But apparently she thought we undercooked the steak the first time. We took it off the bill, so all she had to pay for was that other entrée she got that she was going to take home," the TikToker said in the video.

After getting the food, the customer asked the manager what the owners said about the drugging claim she had made. When she was told they were waiting for her to update the restaurant about the hospital visit, the woman accused the restaurant of running a drug ring and "drugging her food for fun." After a prolonged encounter, the woman was escorted out the door.

"She hit the other manager who is stopping her from running away from the cops. She is a safety threat at this point if driving and leaving our property," a text layover said.

The TikToker concluded by saying the restaurant didn’t serve the customer any alcohol, and that they didn’t know if she was intoxicated when she came into the restaurant.

The video of the encounter has since gone viral on the platform, garnering over 33,000 in one day.

Representation. TikTok. Pixabay