Kate Stoltz
"Return To Amish" star Kate Stoltz essentially said parts of the TLC show were scripted. DLC

“Return To Amish” star Kate Stoltz slammed the TLC reality show on Twitter, saying parts of the show are faked. The star took to social media nearly two weeks before Season 3 aired Sunday to trash the show. One of the story lines they apparently created about Stoltz was that she was dating a plastic surgeon.

“We were bullied and harassed while filming. If we didn't go along with the story line, they would turn it around and make us look bad,” she wrote July 12. “If they thought our lives were boring, they would create wild story lines about us.”

Producers allegedly manipulated the cast members. “I would be told that someone is talking about me, they would be told that I am talking about them. That way we wouldn't trust the other,” she said. “I'm not just speaking to get my side of the story out. I don't want people to fall for the same glossy pitch that I did.”

The show’s creators fed fictitious stories to the media. “Producers even released articles in the news when planning the season so that they could use them to support story lines,” Stoltz explained. “I stayed quiet for four years, scared of what would happen if I would tell the truth. I'm not holding back anymore.”

When the show premiered Sunday, Stolz said even though she hated being Amish she doesn’t have a problem with the culture. “It's a personal thing. We can be whatever we want to be, and that wasn't for me,” the New York-based fashion designer wrote Monday. “Just because I don't want to live a certain way doesn't mean I'm going to say it's wrong. We all have aspirations and are free to pursue them.” Stoltz added: “We only have one life and there's no way we can do everything. Sometimes leaving just works better for us than staying.”

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