Who’s ready for next week’s episode of “Revenge”? We are – especially after watching the action-filled promo video for episode 13. In the Season 4 trailer for “Abduction,” viewers watch as Emily (Emily Thorne) and Victoria (Madeline Stowe) attempt to escape from the clutches of their vengeful enemy, Malcolm Black (Tommy Flanagan), who captured them in episode 12. But will the twosome find a way to flee his makeshift prison? Or will they be killed by the evil crime boss before their great escape? Unfortunately, most evidence points to the latter.

“Who would have thought you and I would die together?” Victoria grimly says to Emily in the promo video as the hostages look helpless behind bars. But if the ladies want any chance at surviving Malcolm’s wrath, they’ll have to put their own quarrels behind them and drop their negative attitude. “Their only hope is each other,” the trailer teases as brutal images of Emily taking a punch and a fire sparking flash across the screen.

The next thing viewers see is Emily proposing an escape plan to Victoria. “We need to move fast,” Emily warns. But it looks like Victoria manages to get herself caught. (We blame the Grayson matriarch’s designer heels for slowing her down.)

Fans then see Victoria looking lifeless in Malcolm’s arms ... followed by a scream. Emily cringes as she looks away from the gruesome act of what seems to be Victoria’s demise. But there’s no way the hit ABC series would kill off Victoria only two episodes after her son Daniel's (Joshua Bowman) death, right?

Daniel died after he took a bullet for Emily, which was fired by none other than Malcolm’s own menacing daughter. Kate (Courtney Ford), who was posing as an agent, then met her own fate when Jack (Nick Wechsler) fired a round into his new girlfriend.

But Emily and Victoria might have one saving grace – and it’s all thanks to Victoria’s big mouth. During episode 12, Daniel’s mom revealed the whole truth to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) of Daniel's death in order to ease the mind of the woman carrying her grandchild. But little did Victoria know that Ben (Brian Hallisay) was listening in on their conversation, which also exposed Emily’s true identity. Perhaps Margaux and the rookie can use the new information to save Emily and Victoria before Malcolm buries them six feet under.

Do you think another character will get killed off of “Revenge”? Tune in to Season 4, episode 13 on Sunday, Jan. 18, to find out what will happen in “Abduction.”