Looks like Emily (Emily VanCamp) is done playing make believe. According to the promo video for next week’s Season 4 installment of “Revenge,” the former vengeance-seeking Hamptonite will be putting the life of Emily Thorne behind her -- or at least, that's what she’ll try to do.

“Four years ago she came to the Hamptons with a new identity and a mission,” the trailer for episode 18 titled “Clarity” begins. “Next Sunday the world will know the real Amanda Clarke.”

But why will Emily be sharing the secret she so fiercely kept under wraps throughout four seasons of the hit ABC series? Well, it’s because Emily is through partaking in games of retaliation, which always end up with someone getting hurt or killed. In episode 17, Emily sought to seek peace between her ongoing feud with Margaux (Karine Vanasse) per her father’s request.

“You are capable of so much,” David (James Tupper) told his daughter, trying to sway her from repeating the never-ending cycle of revenge. “You can end this, Amanda. I believe in you.” So, with her father’s words still ringing in her head, Emily paid Margaux a visit. She then extended an olive branch to her foe that included her authentic birth certificate confirming her identity as Amanda Clarke. “You can use it as a weapon or accept it as a peace offering,” Emily told her. “You can choose to end this.”

But Margaux had no desire to end her vendetta against the woman who tarnished the name of her baby daddy. Moments after declining Emily’s proposal, Margaux was hit by a car and immediately brought to the hospital. Although she survived the accident, the child growing in her belly did not. When Victoria (Madeline Stowe) asked Margaux what had happened, Margaux pinned the accident on Emily claiming her foe had pushed her into oncoming traffic, which ultimately ended Daniel's (Joshua Bowman) bloodline.

According to the episode 18 synopsis, the furious Grayson matriarch will “pursue a fresh lead with renewed vigor.” Could this mean the truce between Victoria and Emily has been ripped to shreds? Or will Emily find a way to prove her innocence? The summary reveals that Emily will “try to repair her collateral damage” in “Clarity” by publicly announcing that she is the daughter of David Clarke.

“So much has happened that can’t be undone,” audiences can hear Emily say in the promo video, addressing why she must confess her birth name.

Emily will reveal the shocking news during a “Groundbreaking Gala,” the trailer teases. “There’s one secret that I’ve kept. Tonight it stops,” Emily says in the promo for next week’s installment.

Will Emily finally reveal her true identity? Sound off in the comments section below if you think Emily will tell the world she’s truly Amanda Clarke in episode 18, “Clarity,” which will air on ABC Sunday, March 29, at 10 p.m. EDT.