If you thought Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) was through seeking vengeance -- think again! David’s (James Tupper) daughter was back on the payback train in Sunday night’s episode of “Revenge" titled "Loss."

The hit ABC drama kicked off episode 17 with Emily informing her father of last week’s wild events: Jack (Nick Wechsler) had been pulled over for drinking and driving in addition to endangering the life of his son. Emily explained to her dad Jack faces a possible five years in prison if convicted because Carl was in the car at the time Jack was allegedly intoxicated behind the wheel.

Initially Emily didn't think Margaux (Karine Vanasse) could be the one behind the charges. But after Jack’s first court appearance, she quickly changed her mind. Margaux calmly responded to Emily's accusation, telling her if anything was to happen to Jack, it would be her own fault -- after all, she’s the one who started this war by tarnishing Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) name.

Margaux was concerned that due to Daniel’s reputation, her unborn child would also have the odds stacked against him, which is why she decided to vote against Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) expensive proposal to honor the life of her baby daddy. According to the soon-to-be mom, she was hesitant to announce her pregnancy at the event held in Daniel’s honor because it could affect the way the world would see her child.

While Margaux and Victoria agreed to do what was best for the baby, Jack learned someone had spiked his orange juice, which is why he blew over the limit for his Breathalyzer test. Emily then paid the man who drugged her friend a visit. However, before she was able to teach him a lesson he tossed the evidence that could prove Jack’s innocence into the air. This forced Em to focus on the vile of blood falling toward the floor rather than the escape of the man connected to Margaux.

But unfortunately the original -- and clean -- blood sample was dismissed in court. Jack’s mom, who was called by Emily to represent her son, figured out the judge was in cahoots with Margaux who was endorsing her upcoming campaign.

That’s when Emily flawlessly assembled a plan: She drugged the judge (with the same medications given to Jack) then had Ben (Brian Hallisay) pull her over. After the justice of the peace blew an incriminating number into the Breathalyzer, Emily -- or should we say Lady Justice -- gave the treacherous judge a jingle. Em explained how vital it was for the judge to reconsider the recently discovered blood sample or else her re-election could end up shredded.

A few moments later, Jack learned the charges against him had been dropped. While Jack and his family celebrated the good news over lunch, Emily decided to skip the salad to start seeking revenge on Margaux. But Em’s father wasn’t too keen on seeing his daughter taking on another mission for redemption. Instead, he told Emily to take the high road.

“You are capable of so much. You can end this, Amanda. I believe in you,” he urged.

His words must have resonated because Emily attempted to reach a truce with Margaux at the end of episode 17. In an attempt to make peace, Emily handed Margaux her birth certificate -- the document that would prove her true identity. “You can use it as a weapon or accept it as a peace offering,” Em said, adding, “You can choose to end this.”

Margaux, however, couldn’t accept that Daniel’s name had been dragged through the dirt by Emily. After denying Emily’s proposal, Margaux was hit by a taxicab -- an accident that landed her in the hospital and cost her her baby. Victoria begged Margaux to recount the events of what happened, which is when the patient revealed Emily had pushed her into oncoming traffic.

Other Major Moments From Episode 17, “Loss”

  • After being questioned by police regarding her brother’s death, Louise (Elena Satine) came clean to her husband about what really happened the night of Lyman’s demise.
  • Finally Nolan (Gabriel Mann) has some eye candy of his very own! The social service worker hired to see if Jack’s home was fit for a child cozied up to Nolan in tonight’s episode. Could this be a match made in heaven?

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