He’s baack! David Clarke (James Tupper) returned from the grave in the Season 4 premiere of “Revenge,” making his Hamptons debut during the final moments of episode 1. In the last scene of “Renaissance,” David accosted Madeleine Stowe’s character, Victoria (who had just escaped from a mental hospital), outside the Grayson manor -- which has now been overrun by Emily (Emily VanCamp).

So, what do fans of the hit ABC series have to look forward to next week when episode 2, “Disclosure,” airs on Sunday, Oct. 5? Well, if you’re anticipating a David-centric episode, think again. Executive producer Sunil Nayar told TVLine that David’s storyline will gradually unfold throughout Season 4 of “Revenge.” Talk about a slow burn.

But don’t fret! Fans will get to find out what David has in store for Victoria during episode 2. The promo video shows David confronting Victoria about whether or not she betrayed him. As she begins to answer, viewers see Emily’s father wrap his hands around Victoria's throat and begin to shake her.

But that’s not the only drama set to go down in next week’s episode. Emily will find herself revealing to Charlotte (Christa Allen) that they’re actually sisters. Guess Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) advice of leaving the life of Emily Thorne behind and becoming Amanda really stuck with our protagonist.

“The family reunion you’ve been waiting for could go up in flames,” the video teased as a scene of fire with Emily smack in the middle flashed across the screen.

Prior to getting caught in a hot spot, Emily will confront a former friend and a lifelong enemy in a “desperate search for Victoria.” But little does Emily know that her daddy dearest has the fallen Queen of the Hamptons in his clutches. Victoria will reportedly find herself “at the mercy of her own darkest secret” when “Disclosure” airs.

Curious as to who Emily’s “former friend” is? E! News revealed prior to the premiere that Emily -- or should we say Amanda -- would get a blast from her past with the debut of a character named Crystal Chandelier. Not only is Miss Crystal a former pal of Amanda’s but she’s also happens to be a stripper.

Sound off in the comments section below what you think will happen when episode 2 of “Revenge” airs Sunday, Oct. 5, at 10 p.m. EDT.