Your mind is your most powerful weapon -- at least, that’s what Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeline Stowe) will learn when episode 9 of “Revenge” airs Sunday, Nov. 30. According to the Season 4 synopsis for “Intel,” the two ladies will each strive to gain the upper hand by collecting information, which presumably is meant to sway David (James Tupper).

Currently, Emily’s father is torn between the two women -- Amanda has evolved from his sweet child into a killing machine, and the love of his life is consumed with lies and hatred for his daughter. So, how will the two each attempt to pull David closer to them? While Victoria uses her sweet words and batting lashes, Emily will put her manipulative skills to work.

From the promo video for episode 9, it looks like Emily will flirt with the vulnerable Ben (Brian Hallisay) to get closer to her dad and solving his twisted case. David revealed to Emily in “Contact” that it wasn’t Conrad (Conrad Grayson) who held him captive for all those years, but Conrad’s rival (a name that David refused to give up). According to David, he was forced to partake in criminal acts or else Amanda’s life would be taken. Due to this revelation, Emily is more driven to seek retribution than ever before, which is why the recently heartbroken lover of Aiden (Barry Sloane) will bite her lip and try to woo the easily woo-able Ben.

“I want to learn about the mysterious Emily Thorne,” Ben says over drinks with Emily in the “Revenge” trailer.

“Well, then I wouldn’t be mysterious,” she coyly responds.

Viewers will even see Ben try to put the moves on Emily, but he’ll quickly get denied thanks to Em’s cat-like reflexes. Will her rejection put Ben over the edge? After all, the cop is still hurt over having Jack (Nick Wechsler) chosen over him to help the agent in Conrad Grayson’s murder investigation.

Meanwhile, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) will cozy up to Marguax (Karine Vanasse) with the information he has on Louise (Elena Satine) in order to save his own, crumbling reputation. Let’s just say we have a feeling Louise’s terrible Photoshopped art will be put on display during episode 9 of “Revenge.”

What do you think will happen in “Intel”? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories before Season 4 of “Revenge” returns Sunday, Nov. 30, at 10 p.m. EST.