As Rihanna and Chris Brown have been making headlines left and right for their notorious escapades, there always seems to be someone there willing to spill the beans to the press. But who's snitchin'?

The real question might be, who isn't?

While most leaks about celebrities are motivated by money, it sounds like the leaks about Rihanna and Chris Brown could actually be coming out of concern for the controversial couple.

In February, TMZ reported that both Rihanna and Chris' friends are desperately trying to keep them apart. Could snitching be their way of showing concern?

After all, it doesn't seem like anything else can get through to her. Losing Jay-Z's respect and being dropped from a song in favor of Rita Ora sure doesn't seem to be stopping her. And according to Radar Online's source, Rihanna has made it very clear to everyone around her that she doesn't want to hear anything negative about Chris. She isn't interested in listening to the fears her friends have about the the two young singers spending time together.

Surely there are some who are leaking just for the money. For example, Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, who told a British magazine that Rihanna was looking thinner at this year's Grammy's than her old fat self, and that he thinks Chris Brown should be forgiven for beating his daughter three years ago.

But the nature of many other leaks makes you wonder if they aren't coming from the right place, since Rihanna seems not to be willing to listen to any of her friends and mentors when it comes to Brown. Maybe her friends think that the best way to end the relationship is to expose it? After all, Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times claims that she would have gone back to Chris even earlier if it hadn't been for public disapproval -- her friends could be calculating that public disapproval will split them up again.

And then of course there was the string of shady rumors yesterday that Rihanna and Chris were planning to marry and run off to Mexico together for a few days. Maybe the rumors are true (or almost true), and her friends thought that spilling the beans to the press was the only way to head off the plan? It was two friends of Rihanna, after all, who were apparently behind the Star leak about the wedding.

In any case, the leaks show no sign of abating, so it may only be a matter of time till we find out who's behind them.

What do you think? Are the leaks coming from money-grubbing snitches, or are they just the desperate attempts of friends of Rihanna and Chris to head off an ill-rated reunion?