Rihanna recently showcased how much she loved the late Princess Diana in a unique fashion ensemble during a recent visit to New York.

The Barbadian beauty was spotted on the streets of New York over the weekend wearing a statement shirt that had the Princess of Wales’ face printed on the front, according to Mirror. Apart from Princess Diana’s face, her year of birth and year of death were also indicated on the black-colored top. Rihanna completed her street fashion with a long-sleeved black leather jacket that she had draped on her shoulders and small shorts. She also wore thigh-high jean boots that had silver-beaded accents at the top.

The blue-colored boots came from her new Manolo Blahnik collection, as stated in the same report. A pair reportedly costs more than 2,000 pounds ($2,840). For accessories, Rihanna glammed up her New York street fashion with designer shades, earrings, several rings, as well as a chunky gold cross necklace.

Rihanna’s love for Prince William and Prince Harry’s late mother was no secret. She has previously gushed over the late princess during a past interview with Glamour magazine, the same report stated. In the said interview, she commented that Princess Diana’s “every look was right.” She even described the Princess of Wales’ as a “gangsta with her clothes.” The multi-awarded singer and songwriter also admitted that she “loved everything” that the royal princess previously wore.

Meanwhile, Rihanna was recently awarded the Rock Star Award during the annual Black Girls Rock event held at the Performing Arts Center in New Jersey on Friday, April 1, E! News reported. During the event, Rihanna also shared a special message to her fans. “Thank you so much for celebrating us in a world that doesn't celebrate us enough. The minute you learn to love yourself, you will not want to be anybody else,” she stated.

She added that some may not consider her as a role model, however, she shared that she can also do her share in inspiring young women “to be themselves.” Rihanna also indicated that she hopes to raise her “own little black girl who rocks” someday.

Rihanna recently released her newest album titled “Anti.” Some of the singer’s new songs that has made many fans happy includes “Work,” Kiss it Better” and “Needed Me.”