Rosie Perez as Tracey, Josh Radnor as Lou
In Season 1, episode 9 of NBC’s “Rise,” Lou (Josh Radnor) and Tracey (Rosie Perez) can’t see eye-to-eye on how they should address the school administration’s notes on their production of “Spring Awakening.” NBC/Virginia Sherwood

Lou and Tracey find themselves at odds with each other in this week’s episode of “Rise.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 9 of the NBC series, Lou (Josh Radnor) and Tracey (Rosie Perez) prepare for the opening night of “Spring Awakening,” but can’t see eye to eye on how to address notes from the administration.

At the end of the last episode, Principal Ward (Stanley Wayne Mathis) summoned Tracey to his office to inform her that the petition to shut down the production went beyond the PTA. “Now the district is involved, the superintendent,” Ward said. “My job is on the line [so] the show has to change.”

When Tracey asked why Lou wasn’t there with them to discuss the stage play, Ward revealed that he no longer trusts Lou. “You need to take the reins,” Ward told Tracey. “Clean this show up. Make it high school-appropriate.”

To convince Tracey to do the job for him, Ward promised to give the theater program back to her if she succeeded. “You want that job, Tracey. I know you do. And now you know how to get it,” Ward told Tracey.

In the trailer for the next episode, Lou walks out of rehearsal and goes to see Ward. “I’m not gonna change everything right before opening night,” Lou tells the school principal. But when Ward tells Lou that his job is on the line, it seems that the English teacher has no other choice but to give in.

Meanwhile, as Lilette (Auli’i Cravalho) waits for her mom Vanessa (Shirley Rumierk) to return home, Robbie (Damon J. Gillespie) faces the severity of his mother’s illness for the first time.

As seen in the trailer for the hour, a medical professional at the hospital where Robbie’s mom is staying tells Robbie that it’s about time for them to talk about how they can make things “as comfortable as possible” for his mom. While it’s unclear what exactly that means, a worn-out Robbie shows up at Lillete’s house, telling her that he needs her.

Elsewhere in the installment, Gordy (Casey W. Johnson) agrees to volunteer in the theater, bringing him back onto Gwen’s (Amy Forsyth) radar. His family, meanwhile, tries to come to terms with Maashous’ (Rarmian Newton) imminent departure.

“Rise” Season 1, episode 9, titled “Totally Hosed,” airs on Tuesday, May 8 at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC. Watch the trailer for the episode below: