Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian before the weight gain Reuters

Rob Kardashian knows he is fat, and he is tired of people talking about it. The young Kardashian went on Twitter Tuesday, attacking fans after he began trending on Twitter due to his weight.

The 27-year-old trended after being spotted at LAX airport with his mother and manager, Kris Jenner. He had not been seen in public since January, and fans presumed it was because he was in fat camp in an effort to finally lose weight he has steadily gained since last year.

“so I found out I was trending for being fat… thank you all it really made me day [sic],” he tweeted. “and to the blogs saying I went to fat camp or rehab LOL then why am I still fat u fools?? Y’all must have run out of real news. First I don’t believe in rehab or therapy or anything of that sort and second I’m a grown man and will work on myself when I choose,” he continued, before saying, “I’m aware that I’m fat that de faint a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym anyways had to say somethingggggggggg [sic].”

Last month, reports claimed Rob checked himself into rehab at The Meadows trauma and addiction treatment center in Arizona. It was alleged that he gained weight due to smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and prescription cough syrup. “Rob has been checked into The Meadows for about a month for substance-abuse issues,” a source tells Star magazine. He started gaining weight after a bad breakup with singer Rita Ora last year.

In April, he posted a sad message on Twitter that led to concern from his fans. Rob had deactivated his social media account months ago, but reactivated it briefly last month. “No one will ever understand how much it hurts,” he wrote to his nearly 5 million followers. Though he did not elaborate further, Kardashian was likely referring to his weight struggles.

Not to be outdone, his older sister Khloe also reprimanded fans for “fat-shaming” Rob. “I love you @robkardashian,” the 29-year-old tweeted. “Some of you people are disgusting for calling others names and picking on them. You should be ashamed of your self [sic]. Your workds are cutting deeper than you know and are possible leaving lifetime scars [sic],” she said, adding, “What shallow souls some of you are. Its sickening to critique anyone off of their appearance. Grow up!”

Rob is not the only Kardashian who has been blasted in the media because of their size. For years, Khloe also faced backlash for years due to her stature and weight. The 5-foot- 10-inch reality star has since lost at least 30 pounds by working out and eating healthier.