One Internet domain owner might be taking advantage of Google Reader’s impending shutdown.

Ron Sheridan, the owner of, plans on selling the domain name for $200,000, he said in an email to IBTimes. In 2009, he bought the domain for $125,000. speculates Sheridan put the domain for sale to capitalize on Google Reader's shutdown, but Sheridan doesn't see it that way.

"The domain is an investment and like any investor I would like to sell it and not realize a loss and preferably make a profit," he told IBTimes.

Sheridan said he's been trying to sell the domain for some time. Reently, he has been working with a website brokerage firm that set the six-figure asking price.

Right now, sits empty with a splash page describing plans for a future “high quality RSS reader, married to a crowd sourced, crowd curated RSS feed directory.” If Sheridan doesn't have any buyers, he said he remains committed to the idea of creating a social RSS driven platform.

This isn’t Sheridan’s first website. On his LinkedIn profile, he’s listed as the co-founder of and the co-founder of a photo sharing website,

Although the price seems extravagant, domain names have sold for millions. One of the most expensive ones was which went for $16 million back in 2009.

On March 13, Google's senior vice president posted a blog announcing Google Reader’s July 1 shutdown. Most recently, Feedly has become a popular alternative RSS reader to Google Reader, Lifehacker reports.