After celebration seemed to be in order on "The Royals," it appears that no one inside the palace walls is willing to stay in such a happy mood, and the drama amongst the various members of the royal family will finally begin to blow up on the E! Series.

After Willow's (Genevieve Gaunt) introduction to society as their future Queen was botched by her refusal to follow Helena's (Elizabeth Hurley) guidelines and Robert (Max Brown) proved to Liam (William Moseley) that Kathryn (Christina Wolfe) wasn't entirely genuine with her feelings, it seems things have flipped. While Willow and Helena previously got along well, their relationship now seems to have changed—while Liam and Robert seem on the road to repairing their own, an avenue that will be explored further on Season 4, Episode 8 "In The Dead Vast And The Middle Of The Night."

"Robert forms a sinister alliance; and Liam proves his loyalty to his brother," a synopsis for the episode states.

In a preview clip, it appears King Robert has called together a council of men and women to announce his plans for the future, and not long after his decision to disband Parliament, he will further declare how he intends to have absolute power--by having a full reign.

"You want to see the new world? Look around," he says in the clip. "I've decided to be king for the rest of time."

However, one person who doesn't seem pleased with this announcement is Cyrus (Jake Maskall), who it appears found a way out of his exiled existence in the Venezuelan embassy and will quickly call Robert out for his power-hungry ways.

"Someone kill this arrogant son of a b**** before he tries to take over the world!" Cyrus cries.

It appears though that Liam will prove that he does, in fact, mean it when he says he's behind his brother's reign now and that he wants to help his family put themselves back together again, as he's seen fighting Cyrus as well.

Meanwhile, following her fairly disastrous debut to the media, at both the engagement interview and the unveiling of King Simon's memorial exhibit, Willow seems like she wants to find a way to regain some favor with the Queen, who she has somewhat fallen out of favor with. However, when she seeks out Eleanor's (Alexandra Park) help, the Princess seems inclined to throw her a party to blow off some steam—but it likely isn't going to go well.

"You're gonna love it," she says in the clip.

"The Royals" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on E!

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Drama reaches a boiling point on Season 4, Episode 8 of "The Royals." E! Entertainment