The autopsy report for Rudy Eugene, the man who attacked homeless man Ronald Poppo in Miami over Memorial Day weekend, had no human flesh in his stomach despite claims it was a cannibal attack.

According to police, the autopsy found Eugene, 31, did not have human flesh but undigested pills in his stomach, the Miami Herald reported. The types of pills, however, have not yet been identified as toxicology results are pending.

So far, law officials have not determined whether Eugene was under the influence of bath salts, a synthetic stimulant that in some cases can lead to psychotic episodes, paranoia and violence.  Although a preliminary review by police did find marijuana in Eugene's system, his family and friends have said he was fond of smoking pot, according to the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald reported the autopsy would not be released to the public until the investigation and prosecution by Miami-Dade is concluded, which could take more than one year.

On May 26, Eugene was fatally shot by a police officer who found him chewing the face of Poppo along the MacArthur Causeway in Miami. Eugene reportedly growled at the officer, while tearing off Poppo's face with his teeth, prompting the officer to open fire. Police were tipped off by a motorist who dialed 911 to report a man, allegedly Eugene, shedding his clothing and exhibiting bizarre behavior.

The autopsy report ruling out cannibalism matches reports from the crime scene, where investigators found chunks of Poppo's flesh, undigested, on the ground along with pages torn from a Bible. The report did reveal flesh lodged between the teeth of Eugene, as if he spit out out the remains. An 18-minute long video of the attack was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. Eugene was missing his two front top teeth, which he lost in a childhood accident. Police said they found a set of gold teeth in his pants' pockets strewn along the highway.

Poppo, 65, is reportedly recovering at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he underwent skin grafts to restore his face, which was 75 percent torn off during the attack. The skin found at the scene of the attack could not be used to reconstruct his face. Poppo has been unable to give a statement to Miami police due to his injuries, the Miami Herald reported.