A man who flouted traffic rules left his motorcycle in nick of time and saved himself from being run over by a train in India. Video footage of the incident captured the driver quickly scrambling away from the tracks before the speeding train rammed into his bike.

The incident took place Saturday, based on the timestamp of the now-viral video. The man was approaching a railway level crossing in Mumbai when he ignored the red light and drove toward the railway tracks instead of waiting for the train to pass. However, he instantly realized he wouldn't make it to the other side as the train came charging down the tracks, Zee News reported.

The man then dropped his motorcycle and ran away from the tracks. Even a split-second delay would have changed the man's fate entirely, considering how the train slammed into the bike and sent its parts flying into the air.

Journalist Rajendra B. Aklekar shared the spine-chilling clip on Twitter, along with another video from last year.

Warning: The following videos might be disturbing to some viewers.

The nail-biting video was widely shared on social media and saw comments pouring in about how the driver unnecessarily put his life in danger, Hindustan Times reported.

"All the impatient, oversmart riders, drivers & law breakers in #India need to be shown such videos on a daily basis," a netizen wrote.

"All such railway crossing should stop and legal action should be taken on offenders who jump such crossing barricades," another commented.

"So... His bike got destroyed, he must have experienced shock of 440 volts, he has injured his back... All of it happened while trying to save few minutes," another netizen chided.

Accidents involving two-wheeler riders have been on the rise in India in recent years, according to Scroll.in. In a December 2020 report, the outlet noted that 37% of those who died in road accidents in the country in 2019 were two-wheeler riders.

The staggering number of crashes and fatalities were reportedly linked to faulty licensing laws, lack of training, poor road conditions and the use of unsafe helmets. As per the report, proper helmet use alone could help lower the risk of fatal injuries by 42% and head injuries by 69%.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay