On Tuesday, a picture of a flyer virally spread on Reddit and Facebook of a Rutgers student offering a reward to the thief who stole his laptop. However, this reward wasn’t for the laptop but something more valuable: his thesis. Avoid his plight by backing up your data using these options.

1. Cloud storage: iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive and other cloud services are great rudimentary ways to back up small- to medium-size documents.

2. Network-attached storage: When space and mobility is an issue, access your data from anywhere in your home network or away from it by adding one of these devices to your home network.

3. Automated backups: Fortunately, OSX and Windows both have built-in backup programs. Just plug in an external hard drive and follow the instructions for Time Machine or Windows Backup.

Time Machine Windows Backup
Both Apple and Microsoft offer a comprehensive backup solution for computers. Apple/Microsoft

4.Online backup services: Services like BackBlaze, Mozy and Carbonite back up your entire computer to a remote location for a monthly fee. While this method isn’t the fastest way to back up your data initially, it does pay to have your data backup in a separate location from your main copy.

National Archives
Remote backup services keep your data safe in a different location.

5.CDs/DVDs: You probably haven’t touched your CD and DVD burner in ages, but it’s still useful for a quick backup that you can just toss into the safe. More copies in more locations means a better chance of recovering your data.