The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed the infection of 10 individuals across the country with Salmonella Dublin. These infections were all reportedly contracted after the patients consumed ground beef.

So far, of the 10 reported cases, eight of the individuals have required hospitalization and one person has died. The CDC has confirmed the states which the infected hail from: three from Colorado, two from California, two from Kansas, one from Iowa, one from Oklahoma and one from Texas. Testing was conducted on beef collected one of the California patients’ home’

So far, the beef responsible for these infections has not traced to a specific producer or supplier, but the CDC will continue to investigate the matter.

The Dublin strain of Salmonella is a less common form of the infection, but no less harmful. According to the CDC, this strain results in longer hospital stays and bloodstream infections and therefore has a higher rate of death.

The CDC does, however, note that it is not recommending consumers avoid any and all ground beef. The center instead urges that people be more cautious, avoid undercooked beef, and make sure any beef that they do consume is cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

More in-depth guidelines for the safe consumption of beef can be found on the CDC website.

Ground Beef
A stock photo of beef. Reuters