Santiago Cabrera as Darius, Jennifer Finnigan as Grace
Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) wants to keep things between her and Darius (Santiago Cabrera) professional in a sneak peek from Season 2, episode 2 of CBS’ “Salvation.” CBS

Darius would like things between him and Grace go back to the way they were in next week’s episode of “Salvation.”

In a sneak peek from Season 2, episode 2 of the CBS series, Darius (Santiago Cabrera) tries to check up on Grace’s (Jennifer Finnigan) love life while they’re on a plane.

“So you and Harris seem cozy,” Darius casually tells Grace.

Surprised by Darius’ interest in her romantic life, Grace quickly attempts to shut down the conversation.

“Really? That’s what you want to talk about?” Grace asks.

“Just an observation,” Darius explains. “We don’t have to talk about it.”

“Good, cause we’re not going to,” replies President MacKenzie’s (Tovah Feldshuh) new senior adviser.

Concerned by how Grace treats him, Darius asks her if there’s something he needs to know.

“No, Mr. Vice President,” Grace coldly responds.

After realizing how annoyed Darius is every time he’s being called vice president, Grace reminds him what he told her in the Season 2 premiere. “You wanted things to be professional,” Grace tells Darius.

“[But] I want things to be normal between us,” Darius argues.

“You say you’re not a politician, [but] you certainly flip-flop like one,” Grace replies. “You can’t have it both ways. This is the new normal, Darius. Get used to it.”

Soon after Grace came out of the bunker in the season opener, Grace tried to confirm if she and Darius are a couple. But much to her disappointment, Darius said that he can’t be in a relationship with anyone in the meantime.

“Suddenly, I’m vice president of the United States,” Darius tells Grace. “MacKenzie has thrust me into the position of father figurehead. Meantime, I’m supposed to disarm a nuclear warhead and protect the fate of humanity without even breaking a sweat. And you’re wondering why I can’t be emotional right now? I can’t be anything right now, Grace, to anyone.”

Also in the next episode, Darius and Grace must forge an emotional détente in order to get international cooperation. Liam (Charlie Rowe), meanwhile, meets a new scientist with a mysterious past.

“Salvation” Season 2, episode 2, titled “Détente,” airs on Monday, July 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.