Samsung has revealed its first closet appliance which cleans clothes through steam technology. While the company is no stranger to appliances, this new device allows its owners to have a dry cleaning machine. The price range for this device is expected to be expensive.

The company announced a new line of products this IFA 2019 and one of them is the AirDresser closet. The closet comes in with a technology that dry cleans the wardrobe with its steam technology. Once clothes are hung up inside this high-end dry cleaning closet, the device will handle the rest of the cleaning.

The device is marketed toward business types which have the need for neatly dry cleaned clothes for their work. Due to its target market, the price tag of the Samsung AirDresser is similar to its rival, the LG Styler. LG’s Styler closet costs $1,999 and the lower end Whirlpool Swash is already phased out.

Other than the  AirDresser, Samsung also revealed other nifty appliances and even a new smart device on IFA 2019. The company also showed its new Bespoke smart refrigerators which allows its owners to customize its’ doors colors through simple button presses.

Meanwhile, Samsung also showed an affordable smartphone called the A90 5G. The smartphone is on the lower end compared to its flagship release but the device does sport a cheaper price tag and a 5G compatibility. Most 5G features are often found on a flagship device which helps consumers have the latest mobile data technology without necessarily spending for a flagship priced device.

In other news, Samsung is also planning to release its first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The company was known to delay the device’s reveal as reviewers noted that the device is actually fragile for long term use. The company has now rectified all those issues and has even put out a new set of Galaxy Folds for reviewers that have garnered better reviews.

For now, we’ll have to wait until all these Samsung devices are now available for the consumers. The Samsung AirDresser closet has yet to have a release date.