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LG's billboards on top of Samsung's Twitter

Samsung’s big day has finally come, with its Mobile Unpacked event less than 12 hours away, and while the Korean electronics titan seems to be taking a jab at Apple by unveiling the Galaxy S4 on the iPhone’s home turf, it’s not the only one benefiting from a little bit of shady advertising strategy.

After Samsung displayed three gigantic “Be Ready 4: The Next Galaxy” billboards in the middle of Times Square – where its unveiling event will take place at Radio City Music Hall Thursday evening -- LG literally overshadowed its competition by having its own billboards placed directly above those advertising Mobile Unpacked and the Galaxy S4.

Not only does LG up the ante by making its billboards larger and brighter than Samsung’s, it also mimics the company’s slogan, proclaiming, “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!”

This “troll marketing” strategy, as described by Android Authority, while frowned upon, is particularly effective. Next to LG’s big and flashy billboards, Samsung’s effectively looks like old news before its product is even unveiled.

Though New Yorkers not in the know may see these ads and consider the LG Optimus G a better buy, many tech enthusiasts are shaking their heads at this tactic, the biggest blow being that the ads were put up on the day of Samsung’s unveiling event.

And Samsung fans have called LG’s bluff, noting that its LG Optimus G Pro looks eerily similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. Given that imitation is the best form of flattery, maybe Samsung will be able to swing this to its benefit.

By tomorrow, Samsung’s “next big thing,” (a slogan some have noted the company swiped from Apple) will be unveiled, and we will likely be bombarded with advertisements until the Galaxy S4’s probable May release.

Samsung spent a whopping $11 billion on marketing and $10.6 billion on research and development in 2012, more than any other mobile company. That made its last flagship device, the Galaxy S3, the bestselling phone in the world, and it shouldn’t be long before we see the company’s answer to LG’s taunt.