Samuel Adams can take a joke—especially if that joke gives them massive publicity. The company responded to the viral “Saturday Night Live” skit that had social media laughing through Sunday morning.

The sketch, which aired on “SNL” last night, was a grocery store taste test for Samuel Adams’ seasonal Jack-O beer. One of the shoppers in Boston, where the Sam Adams brewery is located, had a distinct reaction.

“SNL” host Bill Burr initially does a spit take before trying the beer “for real,” which involves chugging the whole pint. He still isn’t thrilled.

“This is the kinda beer somebody brings to a party at your house and then it just sits in the fridge for like eight months. And then one day your buddy comes over and he’s like, ‘Hey, you got a beer?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, you know, I got this pumpkin [expletive].’”

Later, Burr’s character gets into a brawl in the grocery store with his son. He also goes back for a second beer. “It’s kinda sweet and [expletive], but you know, there’s nothing else to drink,” he says before hearing police sirens.

Samuel Adams didn’t mind Burr’s less-than-enthusiastic review. They shared the sketch on Twitter, saying “The Jack-O reviews are in!”

They also responded to another viewer who called the “SNL” skit “everything,” and revealed that they’re big fans. “Had to rewatch a few times, can’t get enough of it!” the brand wrote.

It helps that the skit is giving the company's new beer major publicity. The official "SNL" Twitter posted the clip, where it received over 310,000 views at press time while the official YouTube clip has over 451,000 views as of early Sunday afternoon.

Jack-O is a shandy/pumpkin ale that is supposed to taste like “pumpkin pie with subtle notes of fresh citrus,” according to the Sam Adams website. The seasonal beer is only available from August to October.

SNL Sam Adams
"Saturday Night Live" host Bill Burr starred in the viral Sam Adams sketch on Oct. 10, 2020. Rosalind O'Connor/NBC