Sarah Ferguson looked much younger in her skater dress when she attended an event over the weekend.

On Friday, the Duchess of York stepped out to attend the Formula E cocktail party in Rome. She was photographed in her black thigh-skimming dress that showed her shoulder. She paired her get up with French sole slippers with butterfly embroidery.

Ferguson accentuated her features with minimal makeup and wore her tresses down. She accessorized with dangle earrings, gold bangles and a matching designer watch. The Duchess commanded attention with her getup.

Earlier this month, Ferguson shared a photo of Brené Brown's "The Power of Vulnerability Teaching on Authenticity, Connection & Courage" book on Instagram. The Duchess has previously opened up about her own vulnerability years ago after her failed marriage to Prince Andrew.

"Being blamed for the failure of the monarchy, living through 15 years of terrible press was very difficult," she confessed. "To this day, I take everything very personally."

Ferguson had money troubles in the 1990s. She received $4,251,090 settlement but spent more than she had. The Duchess ended up owing money to the point that Prince Andrew had to step in and had his private office at Buckingham Palace figure out her finances to limit her spending and get everything back on track.

Even though Prince Andrew and Ferguson have already divorced, they remain friends. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of York still share a home. Ferguson confirmed this in her interview with radio host Kyle Sandilands in 2016.

"I'm in and out all the time and he's in and out all the time," Ferguson said. "No we're not married - we are very happy the way things are. He is the finest man in my life - he is a nugget of goodness. I threw myself into a love affair for life."

Ferguson also remains supportive of her ex-husband's project. In fact, she promoted the Duke's Pitch@Palace event on her social media. She was also very proud of Prince Andrew when the Duke was formally appointed as the new Colonel of The Grenadier Guards.

"So proud of the new Colonel of The Grenadier Guards @TheDukeOfYork," Ferguson wrote on Twitter.

Ferguson will be attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding. The groom-to-be reportedly fought the palace just to invite the Duchess of York in his big day.

"Harry has nailed his colours to the mast on this. He wants his aunt there – and she will be," the insider said.

"Any suggestion she will not be [at the wedding] is a complete fabrication," another insider added. "He absolutely, 100 per cent wants her there and has told palace officials that in no uncertain terms."