Greg, a Chicago Blackhawks fan from Lemont, Il. gave CSN's Sarah Kustok the shock of her life when he confessed his love for the sideline reporter during her Shoot the Puck segment last night at United Center.

Greg was already batting zero with Kustok before the admission came. At the Blackhawks vs. Minnesota game, he blamed his terrible performance during mid-game hockey shot contest Shoot the Puck on his baseball swing, which he insisted made him lousy at hockey.

But after brushing off his mediocre performance and giving a shoutout to his sister, Greg decided to do what many Comcast SportsNet Chicago viewers had dreamed but few had dared: declaring his undying, er, admiration for the CNS sideline reporter.

I love you, Sarah, Greg said, putting his arm around the incredulous reporter. You're so pretty and beautiful. I love you.

Oh, oh, my, the incredulous Kustok responded, blushing and giving a nervous laugh. I don't even know what to say. I'm just going to say thank you... I don't know what to say.

As The Big Lead noted, Greg's declaration was somewhat similar to the Joe Namath's I wanna kiss you moment with Suzy Kolber of ESPN back in 2003, an infamous drunken moment that nonetheless became a hilarious viral hit.

Later, Sarah Kustok said that it was her best 'Shoot the Puck' of the year, and joked that she was off the market after Greg's on-air confession.

We're actually just jumping right in and getting married, she said. [Instead of a blind date] it's a blind marriage.

Below, watch Blackhawks fan Greg confess his love for CSN's Sarah Kustok: