Two nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, which were leaked on the Internet, immediately went viral, prompting the sexy actress to demand their removal.

One of them shows Johansson topless and the other shows her bottom. The photos were taken by Johansson herself and were saved in her cell phone. However, the cell phone was hacked by hackers, who leaked the photos on the Internet, according to the actress.

Johansson has asked the websites which have posted up her photos to remove the stolen copyright protected private photographs or face legal action.

The highly personal and private photographs at issue capture our client self-posing in her own home in a state of undress and/or topless, Johansson wrote. If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Meanwhile, the FBI are investigating Johansson's accusations. “We are investigating a series of cyber intrusions of high-profile figures,” the FBI said.

Update: FBI Knows Identity of Scarlett Johansson's Nude Pictures Hacker [PHOTOS]