Will Paige (Katharine McPhee) and Walter (Elyes Gabel) reunite in “Scorpion” Season 3? CBS

“Scorpion” Season 3, episode 22 recently saw Walter (Elyes Gabel) making a very rash decision.

In “Strife on Mars,” Walter, Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) were on the middle of a mission when the former started remembering what happened to him in space. In Season 3, episode 3, Walter told Paige (Katharine McPhee) that he loves her. The latter replied, but Walter did not hear her words. When Walter started remembering what happened, he asked everyone if his memory served him well.

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Unfortunately, Happy, Toby, Sylvester (Ari Stidham) and even Paige herself denied that such a thing happened at that time. It is unclear why Paige does not want Walter to know that she also has feelings for him. But an upset Walter reacted harshly to the fact that everyone is keeping things from him. He decided to kick Paige out of the team because he could no longer trust her.

When this happened, no one was able to talk Walter out of his decision. But Paige’s son, Ralph (Riley B. Smith), told his mom that she shouldn’t feel bad for herself. After all, she never really lied to Walter and if she did, she has reasons for doing so.

Elsewhere in the episode, Happy and Toby realized that becoming a married couple requires much work. While working with another couple in their mission, they learned that the two used to be so in love with each other. But years passed and they can’t help but get on each other’s nerves. Despite their realization, Happy and Toby decided that their wedding should still push through. However, it’s unclear whether or not Paige will also be a part of it.

“Scorpion” Season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.